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Junior Golf Camp

Photo of Dan Rose, Varsity Golf Coach Oswego High School teaching junior golfers at Tamarack Golf Club in Oswego, NY.

When kids learn to play golf, they gain valuable life lessons such as self confidence, patience, persistence, focus, etiquette, and teamwork. Our Youth Golf Camp is a fun, focused opportunity for girls and boys ages 5-18 to get on the green early, have fun with friends for 5 days, and learn to love the game of golf.

Junior Golf Camp: $125 cash / $128.25 card

• Monday-Friday
• July 1-5, 2024
• 9am-noon every day
• Kids need their own clubs

   • 9am-12:00 at Scriba Driving Range - 5124 NY-104, Oswego, NY 13126 ( across from Dahls’ Diner )

Tuesday, Wednesday:
   • 9am-10:30 at Scriba Driving Range
   • 10:30-noon we bring the kids over to the golf course - we can provide rides if necessary
   • Kids are picked up at noon at Tamarack

Thursday and Friday: meet at Tamarack
   • 9am-noon at Tamarack
   • Kids are picked up at Tamarack
   • Thursday: short game instruction on the course
   • Friday: Captain ‘n’ Crew tournament and banquet with prizes and food provided

Instruction is provided at the Scriba Driving Range and at Tamarack by local professionals, coaches, and volunteers who teach fundamentals, etiquette, short game instruction, and more!
Prizes are awarded throughout the week for various games on the course. Friday is our 9-hole Captain ’n’ Crew Tournament with banquet to follow.

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Per Child
Golf Camp - 5 Days $125
Golf League - 6 Weeks $75
Golf Camp & Golf League $200

"Our Junior Golf Camp is our Super Bowl!"

John Lawton, Owner Tamarack Golf Club - Oswego, NY

“This camp helped me become a better golfer by working on skills like putting and chipping.”

Danielle D., All-league first-team honors, Junior, Oswego High School Varsity Golf Team

“Camp was allot of fun and every year I make new friends. This year we focused on my grip and the swing to allow me to hit the ball further.”

Gianna R., Freshman, Oswego High School

“Our son Matt has attended the Tamarack golf camp for the last 5 years. He has learned not only how to play golf, but also how to stay safe and follow proper etiquette on the course. John, Casey, and the staff at Tamarack are really great with these kids. Thanks Tamarack!”

Paul C., Dad

“Last year at camp was the first time we introduced our 10 year old son to golf. He loved it and couldn't wait to go back. He's now asking on a daily basis for us to take him golfing. The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. ”

Kellie D., Mom

“The camp gave my son the confidence and fulfillment he was looking for. He thoroughly enjoyed the teaching element and the new friends he made. He woke up early everyday and couldn't wait to learn something new. This was his first teaching experience and as a new golfer it made his love for the game grow immensely.”

Deanna G., Mom